Results of Combat

Wounds – When a hit is successful in combat, the character struck takes a wound. This wound lowers their current hitpoints and sticks with them. Wounds gained in this way are restored with rest, and not at the end of combat. Every night when a character rests and the player of said character has logged out (once every 24 real hours), the character regains back 1 point of lost HP by healing the wound that was done to them. One can only have as many wounds as their maximum hit points. If the player is dropped to 0 HP, but not been given their maximum number of wounds, the character can still be given more wounds without the ability to defend themselves.

Healing – These wounds can be removed quicker by being healed of them. Out in the field, such as during combat, only one wound can be restored per day. Wounds more severe cannot be healed as easily and require special supplies. Licensed healers of the healer’s guild can heal up to 2 wounds in a day in the field. It is possible to heal 2 wounds through other means, but the second point of healing must be done at appropriate location like the healer’s guild (or an approved location with the required supplies). The maximum of 2 wounds healed in a day is for any character, regardless of who does it or how it is done.

Note: NPCs can be healed, but not after they have reached 0 hit points.

Being Downed – When downed in combat by having their hit points drop to 0, a character is no longer able to make any rolls, whether this is to attack, heal, or defend themselves. The character does not have to be unconscious, though they may be forcefully knocked unconscious if they are unruly. When downed, a character is considered to be helpless. If healed and restored to 1 hit point, that character may rejoin the combat.

Death and Resurrection – In the case that a player consents to the death of their character, that character usually goes through the cycle of death and rebirth, or simply death. Certain races like Liches handle this differently, but ALL other races including Planars are sent to the Mists Between when they die. The Mists Between is like purgatory, where all spirits go when they die before moving on to the afterlife. In the case of Planars, this would be moving on to their home plane. Death is the only way to get back to one’s home plane. For all dead characters once they move beyong the Mists, they cannot come back.

  • Any character who is killed must remain out of play for at least 3 days, except with admin approval. While ICly the Mists are only a temporary place that spirits move through, there is no maximum time that a character can remain there. A character that died months ago could be brought back, even though another soul could move on to the afterlife in only a week or so.
  • After three days, the soul of a character can be reached. Refer to Youkihana’s page about rules with the mists and how they work. Mortals will be incorporeal inside the Mists, while Planars will have physical form.
  • Lastly, if one wants to be resurrected, someone will have to come retrieve the character’s soul from the Mists. This will require a native to the Mists to guide them (an incorporeal undead, or a Yokai), and a storyteller should be contacted, as finding a specific spirit in the Mists can be dangerous. It is possible to come back from the Mists without outside help, but Mortals who do not have their bodies prepared on the mortal plane come back as incorporeal undead. Planars can return on their own since they retain their physical form, but one must contact a member of staff first.