NPCs in Combat

Sometimes a combat happens in a location that is inopportune for the attacker. If combat happens within 20m of an NPC guard in the same faction or group as the defender, the defender will be given an NPC to aid them in combat. Every member of the defending side which is of the same faction gains an NPC to help in defending their territory from a hostile force. Attackers in their own territory only gain the benefit of an NPC if the defender broke the laws of that territory and is being apprehended.

Dragons in their full dragon form attract undue attention, and the animosity that most beings have towards dragons means that guards of both Salvi Gate and F’jallofoerr will join in combat and aid players attacking or being attacked by a dragon in their full dragon form, regardless of the circumstances. Every player opposing a dragon in full form is granted an NPC to help defend them while within the city walls of that city.

NPC Statistics – NPCs have 3 HP each, and can take actions independent of the player they are attached to. They may attack and defend as a player could, but may not use AoE’s, healing, summoning, or items. An NPC uses the level bonus of the player they are attached to for both attacks and defense. Unlike players, NPCs are killed when they are defeated. NPCs are seperate targets from the player they are attached to for AoEs.

Faction and Group Leaders – Faction and Group leaders and their co-leaders are granted one NPC at all times (which can be in addition to a second NPC granted if someone attacks their headquarters). This NPC can and often times will accompany their group leader outside of their territory to ensure their safety. NPCs granted to group leaders follow all of the same rules as NPCs granted to defenders of a territory, but must additionally be represented through a visual means and not just through titler text. When this visual representation is not shown, the NPC is not present. (Even ‘invisible’ NPCs must be shown with prims, even if those prims are mostly opaque.)

Events – During events such as one faction attacking another faction, defenders do not gain NPC defenders. It is assumed that a large attacking force brings their own forces to counter the NPC reinforcements that players would normally gain.