Dice or Free Form?

Players in Fragmented Providence can choose to either do dice combat or free form combat. This choice can be agreed upon by the combatants, and handled any way that they wish. However if no agreement can be reached between players, then dice is the default method for handling combat. Should this not be agreeable to the parties involved then they are free to leave the RP and go their separate ways. Fragmented Providence is a consent based sim. However combat resulting from one character choosing to take hostile action against another will have its own consequences. One cannot use a refusal to do combat as a way to simply escape the consequences of their actions (whether that be breaking laws, attacking someone, or revealing their natural form in the case of demons, angels, dragons, and the like)

Note: Titlers or clauses that refuse all dice combat are not explicitly forbidden, but the onus is on the player to avoid situations that might require dice combat, and it is not the responsibility of the sim or any member of staff to facilitate this request.

Typical Round:

After making one’s post and declaring their actions for the round, the player will use the HUD to either roll against their target(s) or roll a dice to complete a task. This will determine the success or failure of their actions in the previous post before moving onto the next player in post order. Attacks which are successful hits create wounds which stick with the character and lower hit points. Check “Results of Combat” for how to remove wounds after combat is over.