1. No Godmodding.

Godmodding is the act of controlling another person’s character without that person’s permission.

Examples of godmodding include:

  • Determining the outcome of an attack against another character.
  • Determining the outcome of a healing spell used on another character.

Tips to avoid godmodding

  • Never assume that an action on another player will land. That player may decide if it will land or not. In cases of dispute, a dice roll may be used to determine.
  • Even if dice determine a hit lands, the other player still can decide where and now it lands.
  • Always attain consent. Consent is king!
  • Remember that roleplay is about creating a story with another person. Don’t take away that person’s right to write their part of the story. Roleplay isn’t a one-man show.

2. No Metagaming.

Metagaming is when you use information ICly that you did not receive in character (i.e. acquired oocly).

Examples of Metagaming Include

  • Rushing across the sim because you saw in chat that there was a fight going on somewhere else.
  • Observing a scene without posting in then using knowledge from that scene in a later roleplay.
  • Using information that may have been said in chat range but there’s no feasible way your character could have known about it.
  • Using information that is not common knowledge and you haven’t found out in RP.

Tips to avoid Metagaming

  • Keep logs of your roleplay. The best evidence to refute a metagaming claim is having a log of how your character found out something ICly.
  • Use discretion when using information that you gained from notices. If you’re not sure that your character would know that information – Ask! If in doubt, err on the side of caution and don’t use that information.
  • Do not use IMs to call for help.

3. No Power Gaming.

Power gaming is the act of playing a character that is unreasonably powered, without flaws, or with abilities that do not fit story line or setting.

Examples of Power Gaming Include

  • Dodging every single attack in a freeform style battle.
  • Being immune to everything or even being immune to something without valid IC reason.
  • Creating a character without flaws or weaknesses, ignoring racial weaknesses.
  • Claiming that a character is omnipotent.

Tips to avoid Power Gaming:

  • Take your hits. No one wins every single battle 100% of the time. Take your wins and your losses.
  • Define your characters strengths and weaknesses and ensure that they balance one another out. If in doubt, a mentor, lead, or admin would be happy to help.

4. We’re All Adults Here

Fragmented Providence is an adult rated sim. As such, there are particular rules we must abide by in order to remain compliant with TOS.

  • Players must be over 18 years of age IRL (off screen) to play in Fragmented Providence. Characters must be of adult age for their race. If you’re unsure how old a particular race must be in order to be considered an adult, please refer to the racial guidelines or reach out to a member of staff.
  • Fragmented Providence is an adult sim and adult situations may arise. If you’re uncomfortable with these situations OOCly fade to black or avoiding placing your character in the situation are both options.
  • Do not OOCly force another player to engage in sexual activity with you ICly or OOCly. Any sexual scenes must have the OOC consent of both parties involved, even if the IC character does not consent. No means no even on a virtual platform.
    • Continued OOC insistence on performing sexual acts or engaging in sexual activity with another player, after being told to stop, may result in a warning or a ban.
  • Do not interrupt other ongoing RP with a sex scene, be respectful to other players nearby. If an ERP scene occurs within chat range of another ongoing scene, please take it to IMs to avoid disruption.
  • Pregnancy is allowed on sim, however talking pregnant babies and prim babies/children are prohibited.
  • Just because you can have sex anywhere doesn’t necessarily mean you always should. IC consequences still apply.
  • Ageplay is strictly prohibited. The staff of Fragmented Providence can and will ban anyone participating in ageplay as well as file a report to Linden Labs.

5. Be Considerate (OOCly)

  • Don’t be a dick, griever, spammer, troll, or any of those other generally unpleasant folks.
  • Treat your fellow players with dignity and respect OOCly.
  • Keep IC and OOC separate. Enemies ICly should not cross OOC. If you are being bullied by someone or think they are not treating you with dignity OOCly please contact a member of the admin team.
  • Do not harass other players. If another player is bothered by your behavior enough to request that you not contact them OOCly, then it should be brought to an admin, not pursued or retaliated against.
    • Sexual harassment is an easy thing to do when it comes to SL where we often think more liberally with what we say. If you are given an indication that you have crossed a line though, you need to back off.
    • Do not go to other sources of confrontation with the other player, aka going to their friends, spreading hurtful information, or making personal attacks to third parties either.
  • Please note that logs may be requested of the behavior in question. Admins will not act without proof of the transgression which is a measure to protect the innocent from being falsely accused.
    • We will not inform you of our decision when it comes to disciplinary action against another player.
    • We will do everything in our power to protect both players in a disagreement. If someone is discovered acting in a retaliatory manner against someone who filed a complaint in good faith, that retaliation is subject disciplinary action.