The Planes

Inner Planes:

The Mortal Coil – Located at the center of the planes is the creation of the gods, the home of mortals. This was where the gods all pooled their resources and built their greatest creations. The mortal coil is also called Altosole, and is the world in which most of the sim takes place.

Ethereal Plane – Parallel to, and just ‘above’ the mortal plane rests the Ethereal plane. It is the plane where spirits and the unseen reside. When a god wished to remain unseen while observing the world, they would reside within this plane and view the world parallel to it. When unseen entities such as incorporeal undead or other spirits try to travel parallel to the mortal plane, they do so within the ethereal plane, which makes it most commonly associated with the dead.

Shadow Plane – Sitting parallel to but ‘below’ the mortal plane is the plane of shadow. Because it sits within the planar shadow of the Mortal Coil, it is a place of little light and where the world of mortals can be viewed through a twisted lens. Things that are lost or forgotten, relics of the past and shucked off remnants of deific creation end up ‘falling’ into the plane of shadow. This also means however that more primal untamed forces and forgotten magic can be found in the shadow plane, along with horrific creations deemed unfit for the mortal world.

Transitive Planes:

The Astral Plane – The soup of planar creation sits as a great nothingness which all planes reside within. This plane of nothingness was never given its own creation, but as all planes reside within it, many entities have fallen into it. What does come to the Astral plane rarely leaves, lost and floating among the planes in an infinite expanse where the basic laws do not apply, like time or the governing laws of magic. Mages will often use astral projection to find old secrets or to attempt to travel between the planes using the astral plane. It is thought that magic flows through it from one plane to another, and that the use of magic for many comes from tapping into these distant places and siphoning off power.

The Mists Between – Over the astral plane there does exist one plane which is stretched and woven to touch nearly all other planes. The Mists Between exist in a state of constantly shifting flux which acts as a bridge between planes. Navigating the mists is treacherous, as the mists are the way that the souls of the dead get from one place to another. There used to be paths through the mists where the followers of gods could travel, but with the dragon wars these paths were destroyed and lost. Much exists within the mists as memories of other planes, places that once existed in a time long past but now only exist because of the memories of the dead who passed through it. Only entities which are born of the mists can navigate it without being swallowed into the mists. Spirits of the dead and spirits born of the mists such as the yokai can traverse it safely. The gods could do so as well, when they still roamed it.

Outer Planes:

Elemental Planes – Said to be the birthplace where primal energies gave birth to physical laws, the Elemental planes exist outside of the reach of mortals. They swirl around inside the astral plane and sometimes get closer to or move further away from the mortal coil. Their energies were all used in creating the plane which mortals call home, so each of the elemental planes represent the elements that went into making it. Four primary elemental planes, earth, fire, air, and water are the sources of these energies. Other elemental planes exist as buds off of these other planes, or sometimes temporarily exist and then wink out of existence as two elemental planes pass close to each other. While travel to these outer planes is no longer possible, the elemental planes highly unstable nature means their energies still seep out and elementals are constantly deposited into the astral plane where mages of the mortal coil can grab them and pull them in.

The Heavens – Each of the gods is said to have created their own version of heaven in their own image. When the devout followers of these gods perish, they make their way through the mists on a journey to the heaven of the god they followed in life. There they exist for the rest of eternity in their ideal heaven where their god resides along with that god’s celestials. In times long past it was possible for the living devout of their god to visit these places on holy journeys and bring back the teachings of their god. It was also possible that their god would create direct links to their heavens in order to speak to their followers. After the dragon wars, these pathways were closed. It is unclear if the gods can still travel freely, but no living soul can go to the heavens any longer. The souls of the departed still reach their destination, but none return, and even celestials find their way barred. It is unclear what the state of the heavens became after the dragon wars.

The Hells – Both birthplace of powerful creatures of war as well as the prison for the souls of the damned and those who betrayed their gods, each of the gods created their own hells as a way of punishing their enemies. Each hell has its own unique punishments, and different fiends reside in each one. Even the most ‘holy’ of gods had a hell which they threw their blasphemers into. Within these places the gods allowed fiendish creatures of evil to spawn, though these creatures were still created of the gods, and were used as a way to fight each other, letting free these wild entities as weapons which could sometimes lash out against others, not just their intended targets. The hells were therefore meant to keep these horrors contained, and the souls of the damned sent to entertain them. When the dragon wars concluded, the hells were closed up tightly and all demons which could be found were put back into their cages. The souls of the damned still travel to the hells, but none have returned, and the doors are closed so tightly that no demon can return even if they wanted to.