Roleplay Log Turn-Ins

Fragmented Providence allows its players to turn in notecards for bonus EXP on a per month basis. While the maximum EXP that can be earned from being on sim is roughly 16 exp per month, notecard turn ins can equal up to 20 exp per month. In order to turn in roleplay logs you will need to do a few things to ensure that your notecard meets all of our requirements.

  • Notecard must be of a unique individual scene of at least 1 hour in length. Do not split notecards for a single scene into multiple turn ins. You do not have to submit the entire scene to get credit for it, just at least 1 hour of it.
  • The roleplay must be with at least one other player.
  • The roleplay logs must not contain sexually explicit material (no ERP logs). You may edit out any portions which become sexually explicit as long as at least 1 hour of roleplay is left.
  • Notecard must be set to full permissions (copy, modify, and transfer) for the turn in system to pass it along.
  • Set the notecard name to the following format: username / date / roleplay title
    • The username must be set to the username format (what you see in parenthesis when you set a display name). For older account this is a firstname.lastname format, and for newer accounts it is just the firstname without the resident name included. If you do not do this, the system does not recognize the notecard as yours.
    • Examples: janey.obelyn kiley.naire and atruxosk
  • Please remove all OOC banter and any SL system notification (such as online/offline notifications).

When you have completed formatting the notecard, find the notecard turn in statue in the telehub and simply drag and drop your notecard onto the statue (to offer your deed to the gods). There will not be a notification due to how notecards in an inventory work, but you can afterwards click the statue and it will count your notecards for you and send you the count it has received.

  • Notecard turn ins happen once every month, and all notecards for that month need to be turned in BEFORE the 1st of the next month.
  • You can submit up to 10 notecards per month, each one of which is worth 2 experience points. Do not turn in duplicates and do not turn in notecards for the same scene multiple times (even if you split the scene into two different notecards each over an hour long). In a single month, 10 individual roleplays should be no problem to collect.
  • EXP will be granted by admins within the following week. EXP can be granted while you are offline, so watch for changes in your EXP pool. If EXP is not granted within the first week, simply contact a member of staff and we will find out the status of it.