Factions Overview

There are four different type of factions in the sim, and each falls under a specific category. When listed we will refer to them by their types, but you can find the definitions here.

  • City Faction
  • Guild
  • Aligned Faction
  • Neutral Faction

City Factions: The sim currently has three city factions. City factions are entirely exclusive, and unless you have some kind of agreement with the leaders either ICly or OOCly (as a spy), then you may only belong to one city faction at a time. Salvi Gate (Rinaseto Union), F’jallofoerr (Himinheim), and Youkihana are all individual city factions. Although Youkihana is a smaller city by far, it is in its own distinctive area (the Mists Between) and so is considered its own political entity.

Guilds: There are five guilds in the sim; Peacekeeper’s (fighter’s guild), Arcana Academia (mage’s guild), Scarlet Syndicate (criminal’s guild), Covenant of Humours (healer’s guild), and West Wayfarer’s Company (merchant’s guild). Guilds are not exclusive, and one can be a member of as many guilds as suits them. In rare instances though, two guilds may come to heads, and force its members to make a choice. Guilds are not political entities though, and act more like companies.

Aligned Factions: Aligned factions are distinctive groups which belong to larger city factions through being tied to them closely by location. These two entities are usually distinct, but can have much overlap. The group is aligned with a city, but its members may choose not to be aligned with that city if they don’t wish to be a part of those politics. The current aligned groups are the Aquatics (aligned with Salvi Gate), and the Underdark (aligned with F’jallofoerr).

Neutral Factions: Neutral factions are those who stay out of the politics of the rest of the larger city groups primarily. They may or may not align with various other groups or even have temporary alliances with a city. Their territory usually lies in disputed areas, or they remain separate from the rest. The Svanti (dragons), Greenskins, the Pack (beastkin), and the Grove (fae) are all neutral factions. Typically one can only be a part of one neutral or aligned faction at a time, but may be able to belong to a city faction if their neutral faction is not at odds with them.