War of the Dragons

It’s said that long ago the gods would take mortal forms and walk among the races. In those days even powerful angels and demons had some sway over the way the world worked. Mortals either cowered in fear or bargined their very souls away for a taste of power. When the gods argued and warred amongst each other, it was the mortal races that were caught in the crossfire.

Angels served as the heralds of the gods and in the role of trusted advisors. Demons served as soldiers of the gods, getting their hands dirty where the gods and angels would not. Each of the sons and daughters of the Mother and Father had their own court of both, taking their own places within the heavens and abyss. Some of the most powerful angels and demons were regarded as lesser gods in their own right given their sway over the way of the world.

What caused the dragons to rise up against the gods is not clear to this day. Thousands of dragons, all clad in shining golden armor flew up into the heavens. Darkness fell over the land for one year and one day, during which many mortal lives were lost due to famine, disease, and other ailments. On the second day of the second year, the darkness cleared allowing the light of the Mother and Father to be seen once again.

In the aftermath of the war, the presence of the gods was no longer seen or felt. Those who prayed to the gods received no answer to their prayers. Angels and demons, once able to freely navigate the heavens and the abyss, discovered that once they returned to these planes they could not return. Those who practiced divine magic found it more difficult to call upon these blessings, though not entirely impossible for divine power does not solely come from the gods themselves but one’s own belief in the gods. To this day, many places will attack dragons on sight, blaming them for the loss of the gods.