Mortal Races

Though most races are mortal with very few exceptions except those who come from the outer planes, ‘mortal races’ is a colloquial term for humans, elves, dwarves and the like. These races typically refer to mortals as a whole and are the primary denizens of the mortal plane without the tampering of the gods or specific curses to change them into something else. Whenever the ‘mortal races’ are mentioned, it is the races below which it refers to.

Note on mortal heights: Second Life does not make it easy for one to size their avatar appropriately, however do take note of your avatar’s height. We will not dictate avatar height to anyone, but we do offer avatar height indicators in the telehub for your convenience. Avatars which are realistically sized by those measurements should not be treated as short for their race. It is important to keep this in mind when roleplaying that 8 feet tall is not the norm, and realistically sized avatars should not be judged by that scale.