The Creation

In a time before time was even a concept, when the world hadn’t even begun to exist, the mother, Skardelsia, and father, Laoiseach, traveled amongst the darkness, leaving trails of light in their wake for they were made of pure light and energy themselves. These flecks of light became known as stars and their trails became known as constellations, looking back upon the trails they’d made the mother and father felt it was shame they had created such beautiful things but there was no one to look upon then. It was at that point they decided to create life. From this union the gods were created.

The offspring of the mother and father varied much from one another. Some were beautiful and benevolent while others were twisted and dark. This is not to say that all of them were not beautiful by mortal standards, as even the most twisted and darkest of the gods was still more beautiful than the fairest elf with a voice sweeter than that of the most alluring siren. As all siblings do, they feuded over many things.

Regardless of the sibling’s squabbles, the Mother and Father showed their children all that they had made, from the constellations to the stars they’d created, as they grew the Mother and Father created worlds for their children to dance and play on from the dust of their own beings. It was the Mother who took special care with each world, creating everything from the singular blades of grass to the tallest mountains. From the individual drops of water as well as the expansive oceans that stretched as far as the eyes could see, one world in particular was a masterpiece amongst all the beauty and grandeur of the rest. The Mother stood back and had to acknowledge and admire her own amazing talent, the Father seeing how it brought his beloved such joy, added something unique to this world, two beings of flesh and bone that bore the images of the mother and father. It would be from these two seeds that all the races of the world would descend save for two.

The Mother loved the world and the gift from her beloved so much that she decided she wanted to stay with this world, the Father unwilling to leave his beloved behind also stayed as well, they chased each other through the open fields, the tall mountains just as they’d done when they explored the cosmos. They can still be seen chasing one another to this day, the fathers bright presence shining, powerful, life giving while the mother’s presence more subtle and mysterious.