Covenant of Humours

(The Healer’s Guild)

Leader: Rayven Guant (VictoriaMantelli Resident)
Co-Leader: TBA

The face of the Covenant of Humours lies in good works. Serving as a hospital and with several other smaller clinics throughout the land, often times the Covenant is called upon for matters of health, healing, and public service. While the primary hospital lies within Union lands, the Covenant prides themselves on not being bound by the political doctrine of either country. Initiates from both countries seek out the hospital in search of training in skills such as surgery, first aid, battlefield medicine, and medicinal alchemy.

Such good works are not without a price however. Patients and Students of the Covenant are generally charged a fee for services, oftentimes referred to as a ‘donation’.

Rumours float around from time to time that there’s a darker side to the Covenant, but surely such an organization with such a clean public face doesn’t have a closet full of skeletons.