(The Mercenary’s Guild)

Leader: Jakes Soulscythe (Raston Rosca)
Co-Leader: TBA

Overview: Founded shortly after the War of the Dragons, the Peacekeepers are a neutral organization located between the two cities. Their staunch neutrality allows for the members of this organization to handle contracts for both cities, as well as Youkihana and private persons. Membership in the organization is said to follow a strict initiation process, where by a recruit swears that they will not allow any outside loyalties to interfere with official Peacekeeper business. Both Salvi Gate and F’jallofoerr have signed agreements with the Peacekeepers that agents acting on official Peacekeeper business are bound to the codes of the organization, however any actions taken outside of official business by said persons are punishable to the fullest extent of local law.

The Peacekeepers are also said to have a deeper, more veiled purpose, being tasked with the eradication of the remaining dragons in the land. Whether this is true or not remains a guarded secret known only to those who have sworn fealty and undergone the initiation rites of the group.