Within the Mists Between.

History: The Mists Between is a place where spirits roam, as it is the place between life and death. When someone dies, mortal or even immortal (such as fiends and celestials) they wander through the mists before finding their destination. The only creatures native to the area are the Yokai, fae-like spirits born of the Mists that can roam it freely. These spirits often guide lost souls, or visit the plane of the mortals to collect more. Youkihana is a small village where the Yokai gather in relative safety, and where sometimes visitors come.

The Mages are some of those visitors, who also make their home in the Mists Between on the outskirts of Youkihana in order to tap into the vast knowledge of the wandering spirits and spiritual energy of the area. The Arcana Academia recently used powerful magic to move their tower to the mists between, and chose a place nearby to Youkihana for the protection it gives. The mists or the mists between do not encroach into the village, allowing the mages to come and go more easily.

The Mists of the Mists Between can quickly cause a mortal to become lost, and it is unclear where they might go. The numerous spirits within the mists though may attack or draw that mortal to some other plane, even to the afterlife. Mortals who find themselves in the mists without a Yokai guide often meet a fate indistinguishable to death. For this reason it was important that Youkihana exist, as this village of Yokai allows mortals to visit and make deals with the spirits that dwell there.

The Mists Between:

Youkihana exists within the Mists Between. The Mists are an inner plane that touches the mortal plane and is how the dead move between the mortal coil and the afterlife. For a period of time after death, souls of the dead will wander the Mists looking for a way out. Most souls will find their proper resting place, and others may need the help of Yokai to lead them along their journey. Still others may find their way back leading to incorporeal undead who haunt the living world.

If a mortal come to Youkihana, they must be cautious and not step outside of the village’s protective border. The Mists do not touch Youkihana directly, allowing mortals to come there and make deals with the Yokai who live there. Beyond the village though, the Mists are impossible for a mortal to navigate. Any mortal, planar, or any creature not native to the Mists will become lost. It is possible that a living mortal can be attacked by spirits in the mists, or get swept to the afterlife never to be seen again. Yokai can act as guides, but the Mists are still dangerous even with a guide.

After death spirits of dead characters may find themselves wandering into Youkihana. After three days it is possible that a dead character could come to Youkihana, and continue to RP there. Mortals are unable to leave the Mists without a body to come back to, though Planars can eventually gather enough strength to come back on their own. Mortals who try to return without a body are either destroyed or come back as incorporeal undead. The Yokai of Youkihana try to avoid that fate if at all possible, and can be used to contact the mortal world to prepare their body for their return.

IC Special Laws:

  • Due to the isolated nature of the village and the nature of Yokai, there are not many laws in Youkihana. The Yokai keep the peace by dealing with those who break the peace, show hostile intent, or steal from their neighbors.
  • Yokai who break the peace are cast out into the Mists, or dealt with through honor duels. Honor is important in Youkihana, and as long as one acts honorably, it is not uncomon for them to be welcomed back in no matter the transgression, eventually.
  • Mortals who break the peace may be dealt with by sending them into the mists however, which is as good as killing them. Mortals do not want to run afoul in Youkihana for this reason. The Yokai simply do not have the means to deal with mortals through any more civilized means.
  • The only real law of Youkihana is that all Yokai must not interfere with one another. For one Yokai to interfere in the dealings of another is seen as the gravest offense. Never should a mortal be the reason that peace is broken.

Home To:


  • Gao’s Grill – Chashitsu (tea house) (Sayu Metaluna)
  • Katanakaji (swordsmith) (No Owner)
  • Yatai (food stall) (NPC Owned)
  • Onsen (bath house) (No Owner)