Dwarves and Hobbits

Dwarves: On land, humans are the dominant race, but under that land, the dwarves have dominion. It is not easy surviving underground much less thriving, but dwarves are the hardiest of the mortal races. Their short stature and tough bodies make them well suited for life in underground tunnels and spaces that would make most other mortals feel claustrophobic. Dwarves value honor, bravery, and stalwartness above any other traits, and the work they do requires that same tenacity. Dwarves are primarily miners, builders, and artisans. Their subterranean lifestyle gives them access to some of the deepest veins of ore and richest metal resources. While growing food might be difficult underground, among the surface precious metals are worth far more than sheep and pigs, so the dwarves never go hungry.

Dwarves have 5 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

Gnomes: There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. Gnomes were created from the essence of that line. Gnomes are very intelligent which helps to offset their smaller than average stature. Their curiosity and intellect however lack an extra ingredient that is vital, restraint. Gnomes are not good at holding back their curiosity, and while many gnomes have made discoveries that have been a great benefit to all mortal races, others have made discoveries that no one cared about, or no one ever wanted to know. Their inventions range from wildly impractical to the pinnacle of mortal understanding. Gnomes have this same philosophy in all that they do, including magic, alchemy, or even adventuring. Gods help the other mortal races.

Gnomes have 4 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

Halflings: Halflings are widely seen as the most enviable of mortal races, not for their lacking stature that seems them at sometimes half the height of other mortal races, but for their ability to enjoy life more than any other. Halflings are compact and small, and they do well living a life of leisure when crops made to feed much larger mortal races come out of the ground as big as their head. Halflings are therefore a race which is most at ease, when they are taking it easy. Halflings however live varied lives, and some find exciting lives of adventure, or find their desire for the easy life coming into conflict with their living arrangements. City life is not nearly so leisurely, and many city born halflings turn to thievery, which is especially easy given their small size and ability to disguise themselves as human children with the right makeup and disguise.

Halflings have 4 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

  • Special note on Halflings and Gnomes: While gnomes do usually have bulbous features to offset what could otherwise be considered a child-like stature, halflings do not. Gnomes and Halflings MUST maintain an appearance that is clearly that of an adult. Halflings look as mature as any human does when fully grown, but are simply much smaller in size. If any avatar is seen as looking child-like they will be asked to make changes or leave for the sake of removing any confusion on the matter of the sim and character ages. This is an adult sim where such things can make it difficult for the sim owners. If there is any doubt, seek a member of staff for approval.