Merfolk and Aquatics

The oceans contain more life than all of the lands. A myriad of creatures both monstrous and sentient come from the deep waters. Merfolk are by far the most sociable and friendliest of the deep sea races, but they are by far not the only creature to come out of the oceans and interact with those on land. All aquatic races share in common the ability to breath underwater where they make their homes. While most land dwellers find it difficult to keep their breath under the waves, merfolk and other aquatics have no trouble with breathing water.

Deep Ones: Deep ones are some of the most monstrous intelligent creatures to make their way out of the water. Though they vary in appearance, all deep ones are larger than average and have fish-like heads with no necks, and limbs ending in claws with fins and other fish-like characteristics over their bodies. Deep ones are dangerous, especially to land dwellers in the oceans, but are relatively rare on land. When one does surface they typically do not stay long. Usually when Deep Ones surface it is to extract tribute from coastal land dwellers or as part of their worship of various sea monsters they consider to be gods.

Deep Ones have 6 HP when encountered under water, but only 5 HP when encountered on land. If a deep ones dives into the water during an encounter, they will not have had enough time to fully strengthen themselves with the ocean, and remain at 5 HP, but one leaving the water will retain their 6 HP.

Kua-Toa: Like Deep Ones, Kua-Toa are much more fish-like than humanoid. They have arms and legs, but their bodies look more like fish. Strangely Kua-Toa usually live on land inside of caves with lakes of water nearby. They are equally at home or on land, but prefer to make their homes on land, and spend much of their time underwater. Unlike Deep Ones, Kua-Toa are much smaller and more community minded. Kua-Toa usually stick together, and their reasoning for coming to the lands of surface dwellers would be unusual. As they have extensive contact with other underdark races however, they may find themselves under the employ, or perhaps servitude of another race.

Kua-Toa have 4 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

Merfolk: The most common sea dwelling race to meet with land dwellers are the humble merfolk. Merfolk have the ability to shift between a form with the lower half of a fish and a form with legs for walking on land. They will typically not stray far from water, but can be found visiting coastal cities, or even living nearby. Merfolk have a curiosity about the surface as any explorer might. As much as surface dwellers wonder what is deep in the ocean, a merfolk may wonder what is high in the mountains. Their need to return to the water makes it difficult for merfolk to reach the places they most want to visit, but finding lakes and rivers can aid their travel.

Merfolk have 5 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

Sirens: Like merfolk, sirens are often found interacting with surface dwellers, but unlike merfolk, Sirens do so primarily because they are predatory. Sirens often lure land dwellers in with songs that sound otherworldly and beyond the capacity of any mortal race, even the elves. However the Siren’s song is just that, a lure. As surface dwellers fish the oceans, Sirens stalk the shores and bring prey to themselves. Sirens are often considered evil for their predatory nature, but it is just that, nature. Sirens can of course subsist off other forms of sustenance, but they often lack the capacity to see eating their easiest to catch prey as wrong. It is thought that Sirens may be able to shift into a form that can walk the lands like merfolk can, though their ability to shift does not allow them to fully disguise themselves as mortals like the merfolk can.

Sirens have 5 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

  • There’s many different aquatic races out there, and we could not hope to list them all or even know them all. Above is just some of the most common races. Ask a member of staff if what you want to play does not appear on the list above.
  • Tritons are considered a type Water Genasi, which is found under the Planar races as descendants of Water Jinn. Tritons do retain their ability to breath underwater, but are not listed here due to their outsider origins.