The term Greenskins is a common term for the collection of near human creatures who have mostly green skin. Though some of them can have other colors of skin, none of the greenskins have normal human shades of skin, and all of them are savage and tough. Given that greenskins are shunned and usually forced out of civilizations, they usually band together. Cities may not outright keep greenskins out of their walls, not for an individual or two who are known to sometimes leave behind the life of savagery and try to live like people, but groups of greenskins are often seen as marauders and may antagonize the guards. For this reason their relationship with other mortal races is usually rocky at best. Greenskins are typically seen as separate from the mortal races, but any of the races which can have children with the mortal races, like dragons, planars, and the like, can also produce offspring with Greenskins, though this is significantly more rare.

Orcs: The second most abundant sentient creaure right behind humans is the humble orc. Orcs are typically stronger but less intelligent than humans. They live more savagely, and value physical strength much more than humans do. Though they are less intelligent than humans on the average, this difference is not so significant that orcs are incapable of matching humans tactically or in terms of organization. Orcs are typically the organizers and leaders among the greenskins. Orcs typically build settlements and safe havens, allowing other greenskins to congregate to them and join forces. This has made orcs one of the more dangerous threats to human civilization as they can be the driving force behind armies and invasions.

Orcs have 5 HP, and possess no racial weaknesses.

Goblins: Curious, small, and dangerous all describe well the goblin. Goblins are a group of smaller greenskins who breed faster than orcs and yet have a significantly shorter life expectancy. This can be largely owed to the fact that goblins are less averse to danger and more willing to sate their curiosity. While they are not more intelligent than the average Greenskin, they do have a more natural nack for machinery such as clockwork, and explosives, including black powder weapons. For this reason orcs and goblins tend to be fast allies. Goblins are the driving force of innovation among the greenskins and can come up with interesting solutions that make them still valuable among the ranks of larger races. Though, there are also the goblins who rush head first into a pitched battle with no thought to their own survival, another wonderful trait for ‘allies’ in war.

Goblins have 4 HP, and possess no racial weaknesses.

Hobgoblins: Hobgoblins share part of their name with goblins, and even a common ancestry, but little else in common with their smaller brethren. Hobgoblins are similar in intellect to orcs, but Hobgoblins are far more shrewd. Hobgoblins look more like goblins at the size of an orc. At their much larger size and intellect they should be more common and more of a threat, but unlike goblins they have a much stronger sense of self preservation. Hobgoblins tend to be assassins and bandits, and they have the ability to lead forces but usually don’t have the mentality. Since they prefer subterfuge they do not usually have the orc’s warrior spirit or desire to lead an army, at least not unless it comes with personal gain.

Hobgoblins have 5 HP, and possess no racial weaknesses.

Ogres: While most greenskins need to have numbers on their side to be true threats to a human settlement, ogres are an exception. Ogres are massive, standing up to double the height of the average orc, and with a body made to wreck buildings. Their terrible size and massive strength make them feared more than nay other greenskin. While most settlements will treat a single orc, goblin, or even hobgoblin with suspicion but not outright hostility, ogres are massive and easily make a mess of things. Ogres may be allowed into some settlements, but if violence brews, it is unlikely any guard would stick their neck out for the creature they perceive to be big and dumb. Among other greenskins they are welcome allies for all of the reasons that human settlements dislike them however.

Ogres have 6 HP, and possess no racial weaknesses.

  • The ogre’s enormous size and bad temperament means that guards in most settlements will take the side of anyone the ogre is fighting. Except among greenskin settlements, enemies of an ogre receive up to one NPC guard reinforcement per ogre, even if the ogre is not the aggressor.

Trolls: Trolls are sometimes thought of as out of control forest guardians for their many similarities to that classification of fae, but if so they have strayed far from their original purpose and lost their connection with the spirits of the land. Trolls are cruel and barbaric, with long limbs and a nasty disposition. Their defining characteristic though is their ability to heal. Trolls can regenerate but this ability comes with a weakness that can be exploited. Like forest guardians, trolls are weak to fire. Being burned makes their regeneration stop, and fire is especially effective at destroying trolls. For this reason trolls are not often found in civilized places where fire lights every street corner, but they do sometimes reside with the greenskins and aid them in raiding the mortal races.

Trolls have 6 HP, and risk taking extra damage from any source of fire.
Trolls regenerate rapidly, and any hitpoint loss taken by any source other than fire does not result in a wound. Instead, that hitpoint loss is fully healed at the end of the day. Wounds made by fire take the normal amount of time to heal.