Elves and Drow

Elves: What is better than a human? A human with brilliance, intellect, a long life, and unnatural dexterity. Elves are seen as the pinnacle of mortals. They are beautiful one and all, live longer than any of the other mortal races, and seem just as capable as any other mortals. For this reason while there are more humans than elves, there are more kinds of elves than any other race. The gods seeing the perfection of the elves wanted to make their own unique touches, to try and build on perfection. For this reason, many elf races sprung up such as the nature protecting wild elves, the winged avariels, and even the vile dark elves. Some elves have various traits that stand out, like drow darkvision or avariel wings, but they all share the basic traits of lithe forms and pointed ears.

Elves have 5 HP, and no racial weaknesses.

  • Any elf subtype also falls under this group, even drow, avariel, or more exotic kinds of elves.