Demons/Devils: Demons and Devils were created as a counter to angels. Though many gods used both fiends and celestials, the outer planes that spawned the demons, devils, and other fiendish creatures were intended as breeding grounds for soldiers, places of punishment for the souls of the wicked, or repositories for artifacts powerful and terrible. Many of those outer planes grew out of control quickly, and so demons were not always used for their original purpose, but they always fulfilled their core desire, destruction. Demons and Devils were made of unholy energies, and could kill angels, though were in turn able to be killed by them. These fiends came in many varied forms, though most who were left behind when the outer planes were cut off were either fiendishly animalistic or vaguely human. Demons and Devils, like angels, can disguise themselves as humans, and change their guise over time to continue to blend in with humans. The low ranked fiends left on the mortal realm often had to do this to survive. They are hated in most places, and driven from most nations if discovered. Only Himinheim tolerates them to any degree, and they assure their citizens that they do not. Demons and Devils, like angels, can sense holy presences such as other angels and artifacts of holy origin. They are also weak to holy weapons and spells, and when in a consecrated place of holy energy they are sickened and repelled by it, unable to enter.

Demons/Devils have 6 HP, but risk taking extra damage from holy weapons and magic.

Cambions: Half demons, half fiends, and uglier names describe the Cambion. Demons run amok on the world were known to leave behind spawn. Even high level demons sometimes left behind Cambion who were left in the mortal plane even after they were called back to the hells they came from. Cambions do not necessarily have to be half fiend, and powerful demons can spawn cambions generations down their line. Cambions of this kind are somewhat on par with the low ranked demons that were left on the mortal plane. Like Nephilim however, they share most of their strengths and weaknesses, but cannot fully suppress their demonic traits. They can suppress their traits, but cannot choose a human guise, only take on one that is less tainted with demon blood.

Cambions have 6 HP, but risk taking extra damage from holy weapons and magic.

Tieflings: The descendants of demons are referring to as tieflings, and come from demon blood running their some bloodline or mortals. Tieflings are widely regarded with suspicion to outright hatred, and their demonic traits often stand out and cannot be hidden away like those of the Cambion. Because tieflings lack the demonic blood to change forms and take on a human guise, they are often ironically seen in a more negative light. Tieflings often have horns, though rarely they can also have wings, and their eyes and skin can also often show their demonic heritage, though as with demons they can vary greatly in their physical features. Tieflings may sense a holy presence with a touch, but not at a distance.* They also have trouble entering consecrated places of holy presence, and will feel great discomfort there. Tieflings are quite common compared to demons and cambions, but often have to hide themselves away in most places to avoid being targeted or harmed.

Tieflings have 5 HP, but do not take additional damage from holy weapons and magic.

  • Angels and demons can sense sources of their opposing forces. However, they may not sense a source that is highly suppressed. An angel or demon that is completely disguised in a human guise may be impossible to sense by an opposing type of outsider. At a casual glance, it may be possible that a demon or angel does not sense the other, but upon closer inspection and suspicion they may be able to sense each other under the disguise. Do note that an angel or demon who is actively suppressing themselves also has a harder time sensing others.
  • Unholy Magic Immunity: All fiends are immune to the effects of any magic that is designated as unholy, even if the attack roll was successful.