Angels: Angels, or celestials as they are sometimes called, were servants of the gods and guardians of the outer planes. Angels are beings of light created from the same energy used to make the mortal plane and heavens. They are suffused with holy energy that makes them direct counters to demons and unholy beings. Most angels were recalled back to the heavens which only left the lowest ranked angels behind to guard the way until the outer planes were closed. These angels would later settle back to the mortal plane trapped, but still intent on fulfilling their purpose. Angels can sense sources of unholy taints like demons, unholy artifacts, and even powerful undead.* Angels can also disguise themselves as human, suppressing their nature, or reducing the appearance to appear as a partially mortal descendent. Angels may choose their human guise, and change it over time in the mortal plane. Though angels serve gods, the gods they serve and the forms they could take vary greatly. Most but not all angels had wings, and shone with a bright light. All angels are weak to unholy energy as it is their antithesis. Places with an unholy taint sicken and repel angels, while unholy weapons can cause great harm to angels.

Angels have 6 HP, but risk taking extra damage from unholy weapons and magic.

Nephilim: Half angels, also called Nephilim are more common than the limited number of angels. Nephilim were born of an angel and a mortal race. Unlike the angels who were left behind by the gods, the lineage of a Nephilim can come from even the high ranked angels, but their power remains only at its best on par with the low ranked angels left behind. Depending on the strength of the angel, a descendant of an angel can be considered a Nephilim even a few generations down, and does not strictly refer to the amount of celestial blood in them. Nephilim share almost everything in common with an angel, their strengths and weaknesses, but are unable to fully supress their angelic traits. A nephilim may hide their wings, but cannot fully hide all of their angelic features or presence, and they cannot choose their human guise, only suppress their traits.

Nephilim have 6 HP, but risk taking extra damage from unholy weapons and magic.

Aasimar: Descendents of angels with mortals eventually become dilluted enough to be just a faint taint on their bloodline. Aasimar have angelic traits and an angelic presence, but have lost most of the angelic potency. They cannot sense unholy presences except when in physical contact with it, and are more difficult to sense by others, but not impossible.* Aasimar show angelic traits, and may even have wings still, but the traits are often incredibly subtle. They cannot change their form or take on a more human guise. Unholy weapons and magic cause Aasimar great pain, but do not injure them any more than a normal weapon or spell might. Unholy tainted places cause Aasimar great discomfort to be in as well. Aasimar are far more common than angels and even Nephilim.

Aasimar have 5 HP, but do not take any additional damage from unholy weapons and magic.

  • Angels and demons can sense sources of their opposing forces. However, they may not sense a source that is highly suppressed. An angel or demon that is completely disguised in a human guise may be impossible to sense by an opposing type of outsider. At a casual glance, it may be possible that a demon or angel does not sense the other, but upon closer inspection and suspicion they may be able to sense each other under the disguise. Do note that an angel or demon who is actively suppressing themselves also has a harder time sensing others.
  • Holy Magic Immunity: All celestials are immune to the effects of any magic that is designated as holy, even if the attack roll was successful.