On-Sim Rentals


You may have only one rental per account.

You may not exceed your prim limit. Staff reserves the right to return items until you’re under your prim limit.

Do not rez anything that makes sounds that may annoy other renters or break ambiance. A goat that makes a natural sounding noise is fine. A prim playing radio music is not. Do note you may be asked to mute said goat if a complaint is received.

Do not rez anything that blocks pathways, access to your rental (or other rentals), or interrupts the flow of the area in which your rental is located.

If you rez excessively scripted items, or offensive items, the staff team has the right to return those items to you.

Be respectful of other’s rentals, and the implied privacy thereof.

No chat spammers, spying scripts, tip jars, or griefing materials.

Items inside house must be within the sim’s general theme. Fragmented Providence is a medieval/renaissance RP themed sim. Please keep that in mind when choosing decor.

Do not run a shop out of your rental. We have official shops on sim that you must apply for to run. You may practice your craft inside of your rental, through rezzing crafting style furniture and roleplaying in the area however.

  • If you wish to make things privately for yourself or allies, this is fine. If you wish to sell things to others, you can do so by temporarily taking a market stall in either of the towns to sell your wares. These wares must not have statistical effects in our combat. A loaf of bread would be fine to sell, a silver sword would not.

You may add up to one person to your rental. To do this, please contact a member of the admin staff. By adding a partner to your rental, you’re not adding prims. Your total, combined prims must not exceed your rental amount. If your partner also has a separate rental, you may allocate your prims between the two spaces.

If you do not have furniture, you may request that a member of staff furnish your home for you. These prims still count against your rental total.

By renting on this sim, you are agreeing to follow these rules, and acknowledging there are no refunds. All rental money is used to support the sim.