Avatar Appearance

First things first, there is no application process for Fragmented Providence. You can start cheering now. We do allow most medieval fantasy races. If you need help deciding on a race, please review our racial pages for inspiration.

On the flip side, there are certain types of characters and avatars we do not allow. These include:

  • Child/Underage avatars.
  • Anime bodies/heads
  • Furries (though anthropomorphic characters are allowed subject to avatar review by the admin team)
  • Hyper avatars. Characters must be proportionate for their race. This includes genitalia.
  • Copyrighted characters. You cannot play Bruce Wayne. You cannot play whatstheirface from Game of Thrones. Role play is about creativity – so let that creativity shine.
    • Many obviously copyrighted or canon races may fall into this category as well. We do not allow asari, twi’leks, xenomorphs, predators, Sergals or the like for the same reason, though some parts of those avatars may be usable with modification.

To avoid using anime or furry avatars, and help to facilitate a shorter time before entering the sim, below are some guidelines to help you in choosing the right kind of avatar for the sim. If in doubt however, speak to the staff and they will steer you in the right direction.

  • Furry avatar heads with completely human proportioned bodies are usually a sign of a furry avatar instead of a furry race.
  • No avatar should have more than two ears unless they are some kind of strange alien. If you have animal ears, either place them over your human ears, or remove the human ears.
  • Human hair on furry races and lizard races is not a trait of a beastial race. Some beastial characters like lion-based beastkin might be able to braid their manes, or kenku may be able to style their feathers, but human hair on top of fur doesn’t match the physical traits of the races we allow.
  • Brightly colored fur where it is not feasible is considered a trait of a cartoony avatar. Stick to colors found in nature. Like any human, a beastial race can dye their hair, apply war paint and the like, but keep it realistic.
  • Overly rounded or anatomically incorrect proportions are too cartoony for the sim and the immersion of the setting. While at one point sculpty avatars were the best we could do, we have more realistic mesh now, and the quality of an avatar can be much higher. If the musculature of the avatar is out of proportion to the source material, it could be found to be not acceptable.
    • We area little more lax on body parts being made of older products, such as a human form dragon with older looking wings. The entire avatar cannot hold that aesthetic however.
  • Flat single shade textures, the hallmark of cartoons, is cell shading. If your avatar has no real texture and only a flat color, it is likely that it will be considered cartoony and not acceptable.
  • It is generally a good idea to stay away from the following products, but their use is not an automatic no, depending upon how they may have been used. If we can tell what they are, it is most likely a no. You will have to seek admin approval in these cases.

Below are a list of content creators whose work falls squarely in line with the vision of the sim and who act as an example for how to create monstrous avatars like Gnolls, Werewolves, beastkin, dragonkin and the like. Using products from these creators or products of similar quality is a sure-fire way to fit the theme of the sim.

Comparable avatars to these are of course acceptable. We do not advertise for or require specific avatars, but the creators above have been cleared as the right kind of ascetic for the sim.