Nation: Himinheim

History: The kingdom of Himinheim is one of the most ancient of nations, though it has been divided, torn apart by war, changed hands and claimed and lost territory over the years, the borders of Himinheim have never fallen beyond the Providence Ridge where F’jallofoerr stands. F’jallofoerr sits amidst the Fragmented Pass at its highest point as a ward against invasion from the west.

F’jallofoerr was an established city long before the dragon wars, though it has been sacked and rebuilt over the years since that time. The upper section of F’jallofoerr is built as a fortress against attack with high thick stone walls. For much of its time the city stood in the pass, and many settlements surrounded it, hunting, gathering, and farming the land as best as they could. In times of disaster they would retreat to the walls for safety.

It was when the dwarves arrived however that the underground section was discovered. Lost to time before, there were sections of the city that had once been built and used many centuries before but were lost after one war or another. There they discovered a temple and the ruins of the rest of a small underground city. When excavated and rebuilt, it was possible to once again settle the underground and many who once lived in the surrounding area moved there to help in the effort to mine valuable ore for the kingdom of Himinheim. Thus the fort thrived partially underground, sprawling out under the mountain wider than the walls of that fortress would have originally allowed.

Home To:

  • Scarlet Syndicate
  • The Pack (Outside the walls.)
  • Underdark Trading Post
  • Dwarven Mines
  • Demographics: Primarily Human, Beastkin, Dwarves, and Fiend-blooded, with small numbers of Drow, Undead, and Greenskins.

IC Special Laws:

Most laws you would expect from a civilize nation exist here, such as those concerning rape, murder, theft, taxes, etc. The following laws are special laws concerning what might not be typical for a nation.

  • Barred races: (Exceptions may be made for some members of a race by the leader of the city.)
    • Celestials – All of those of angel lineage have a problem with playing nicely with races they would deem evil. For this reason Celestial races are barred from entering the city in order to keep the peace. (This includes Angels, Nephilim, and Aasimar.)
    • Demons – True blooded demons are known to be true evil incarnate. Demons cause havoc everywhere they go, as was their function when created by the gods. For this reason Himinheim has a ban on demons, but it is rumored that many hide themselves as humans and may even hold considerable sway in the nation. These rumors are however unfounded and false, and Himinheim maintains that demons should not be tolerated for the sake of their people! This does not extend to their offspring, and Tieflings are welcomed in the city as well as half demons if they are peaceful. (Full demons need to disguise themselves in the city, to keep up appearances.)
    • Dragons – Like most nations, Himinheim has a complete ban on dragons, and will send their best slayers to route one if found in their lands. Dragons are especially hated in Himinheim where worship of the old gods is still commonplace. It is a belief that when all dragons have been wiped out from the world the gods will once more return. Any city which harbors a dragon knowingly can be considered treasonous, and in the past, Himinheim has wiped out its own cities for harboring dragons. Dragon descendants such as half dragons and dragonkin are not outlawed, but may be subject to discrimination. (Exceptions cannot be made publicly.)
  • Most drugs and poisons are legal to carry within the city, but drug addicts can be arrested for being a public menace if they are found on the streets under the influence, and poisons are illegal to use on lawful citizens.
  • Himinheim has no laws for or against slavery. As such, it is possible to own a slave, but there is no legal protection for slave owners. Himinheim sees slavery as a form of survival of the fittest, and if one is not fit, then may as well serve some purpose. Usually Himinheim citizens cannot be made slaves in Himinheim’s borders due to other protections such as those against murder/torture/harm/theft. Non-Himinheim citizens do not receive these protections however.
  • Dueling is recognized by law as a proper way to solve disputes. Barfights and other forms of combat between individuals are treated as impromptu honor duels. The law dictates that equal force be shown. One could not attack a man in a fist fight with a weapon, but duels with weapons can often be deadly with no consequences to the victor. Killing an unarmed or defenseless opponent is considered murder though, and so not all duels end in death, even where weapons are involved.


  • Tavern and Brothel (Draken Gothly)
  • Blacksmith (No Owner)
  • Apothecary (No Owner)
  • Opium Den (No Owner)
  • Foundry (No Owner)
  • Workshop and Tannery (No Owner) – Pack Territory
  • Pawn Shop (MonsterChow Resident) – Open Shop 1
  • Open Shop 2 (No Owner)
  • Open Shop 3 (No Owner)