Salvi Gate

Nation: Rinaseto Union

History: Founded on the shores of the Sea of Lementation, the site of Salvi Gate once belonged to the nation of Himinheim. However during Himinheim’s previous centuries they sent raiding parties from the shores and terrorized the coastline. In an effort to prevent these raids from continuing, the newly formed Rinaseto Union sent their ships to take the shores, and add the area around it to the Union. Once secured, Salvi Gate began construction as a way to prevent further coastal raids and to keep Himinheim at bay.

The Rinaseto Union was still forming at the time of Salvi Gate’s construction, and it was unclear how far the Union would eventually go. In the end Salvi Gate ended up on the border, but in a strategic position. Since much of the Rinaseto Union was formed from nations along the coastlines of the Sea and oceans, Salvi Gate is a primary port for trade with Himinheim as long as the rival nation continues to be interested in doing so.

The union is much less interested in the gods since the dragon wars, but they hold the old gods in a kind of respect in order to pay homage and remember them. However churches and temples are a long forgotten tradition in Rinaseto, and all that remains of a once beautiful temple are two statues and a garden built around them. The temple along with much of what was built before was torn down and rebuilt using the Union’s aesthetics. The only thing remaining from before Rinaseto took the site are some of the underground tunnels and spaces that eventually became their sewers. Some secrets might still lie down there though.

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IC Special Laws:

Most laws you would expect from a civilize nation exist here, such as those concerning rape, murder, theft, taxes, etc. The following laws are special laws concerning what might not be typical for a nation.

  • Barred Races: (Exceptions may be made for some members of a race by the leader of the city.)
    • Fiends and all of their descendants are seen as agents of destruction who cannot share the same space as civilized folks. Demons, Cambions, and Tieflings are all barred from entering the city gates of any city within the Rinaseto Union’s territory. They are given no protections under law either if they are encountered outside of the cities.
    • Undead are abominations that almost entirely exist to consume or destroy the good people of the world. These unholy creations are barred from the lands of the Rinaseto Union. They are destroyed on sight. The only time that Rinaseto has been forced to allow Undead within their gates was as part of a diplomatic envoy.
    • Drow are a sworn enemy of the Rinseto Union, as their underground nation extends into some of the Rinaseto territories. To see a Drow is to expect an invasion, and drow were revoked all rights in order to allow their soldiers to deal with them more swiftly. It is understood that almost every drow is evil and irredeemable, but a few have petitioned citizenship. Not all are given that opportunity though, and no soldiers loses any sleep over it.
    • Most monster races with the exception of Lizardfolk, Centaurs, and Giants are absolutely barred from entering into any city within the Rinaseto Union. They are considered hostile to most civilized people, but Rinaseto prefers to keep them out rather than hunting them down. Sometimes though if proven to be trouble makers, even Lizardfolk, Centaurs and Giants are barred from the city.
    • Greenskins are not outright barred from all cities across Rinaseto, but they can be barred at times or denied entry. Greenskins may be allowed to enter for trade, but no Rinaseto law provides them any protection against attack, and it is rare that any guard in the Union will lift a finger to protect them. If granted citizenship this may be a different story though.
    • Dragons in their full form are recognized by the Rinaseto union as a real threat. Though it isn’t common knowledge that Dragons can shift their forms into that of a humanoid form, dragons were once a common sight. Rinaseto employs cannons and other strong tactics to hunt down dragons. Unlike other nations, their concern is usually the safety of their citizens, and the continued prosperity of mortals now that they do not have the protection of the gods. They do not usually mobilize to hunt dragons down in their homes, but will if provoked, and would pay would be dragon slayers a reward for doing so. Dragons have no rights and are to be attacked on sight by any Union soldier. (This only applies to dragons in their full form, and not half dragons or dragonkin.)
  • Processed drugs (such as opium) and any poisons (aside from wolfsbane and dragonsbane) are considered illegal within Rinaseto’s territory. Possession of these substances are seen as a grave threat to public safety, and can result in jail time and confiscation.
  • Slavery is very much illegal in the entirety of the Rinaseto Union, and slavers are treated the same as rapists and murders within the nation. Any slave moved through Rinaseto’s territory is freed and the owner dealt with.
  • Necromancy and other unholy magic practice is a grave offense in Rinaseto, and can be punished severely depending on the province.


  • Blacksmith’s Shop (No Owner)
  • Clockmaker’s Shop (Kal Southpaw)
  • Tavern (No Owner)
  • General Store (No Owner)
  • Imports Shop (NPC Owned)
  • Library and Museum (No Owner)
  • Bath House (No Owner)
  • Stables (Firefox Foxclaw)
  • Cafe (LittleShiri Resident) – Open Shop 1
  • Apothecary (Valzar Tatham) – Open Shop 2
  • Open Shop 3 (No Owner)