Combat Weaknesses

Certain types of materials deal extra damage to different races. Generally, any race which has more hit points than usual has some kind of weakness that will cause them to take extra damage from that weakness. The weakness will be listed under every race’s entry, but is also explained in more detail below. There are also three rules to know when using special materials against those races.

Rule 1. You must keep a log of where you got the material from in order to use it during combat. If challenged, you may be required to produce the RP logs to staff of where you got it from. Currently we do not require that weapons of a special material be tracked through any system, so we ask that everyone stays honest about what they have received.

Rule 2. You can only use one special material per combat. If you are fighting a lycanthrope and choose to use a silver sword against that lycanthrope, you cannot then also use a cold iron sword against a fae in the same combat. Once you choose, you have to stick with it. Once picked though, it can continue to function through the rest of the combat. This is to prevent one from having a swiss army bane approach to combat. Also, it goes without saying, but do not metagame. Using a silver weapon against someone you do not know is a lycanthrope ICly, is considered a type of metagaming, unless you can prove that the weapon in question is always in use, even against mortals.

Note: Elemental attacks and spells do not count against the one per combat rule, as a simple torch is not any kind of exotic material, and fireball is a regular spell. It is not uncommon for someone to use them.

Rule 3. When using a special material or magic that a race is weak to, first roll to see if it hits. If so, it deals 1 point of damage as usual. A second roll is then made, as the one being attacked has to resist the effects of the material. If this second attack also hits, then the target has taken 2 damage instead of 1. If the first attack misses, there is no second roll. You do this for every attack made in combat which uses that weapon/spell type.

Note: If your race is weak to a specific material or magic, then you are also barred from using that material or magic, as it would harm you as well as your intended target.